Must See: Lip Sync Magic from a Special Kid.

Sometimes special things come in special packages. Such is the case for an Illinois teen who suffers from a rare genetic disorder that has stunted his growth and changed his appearance. Until recently, his parents said he suffered through a school day and then pretty much shut himself into his bedroom. Then something happened in that bedroom.

Keenan started recording lip syncs to his favorite songs and posting them on YouTube. You’ll see some of them below.  And they went crazy viral getting millions of viewers EACH DAY. Now the kid with the different look who lip syncs is doing videos with top rap artists… in his bedroom. He’s doing night club performances on the weekends (mom says no work during the week) and I can only imagine what kind of money is going into his college account. Maybe his manager knows.

But what I like is the joy this kid God made a little different displays. There’s a confidence that you wouldn’t expect and I am so very pleased that a kid who didn’t come out of his room much now is being seen all over the world.

Take a look at a few of these videos and CLICK LIKE to share them with others who would enjoy them.

With the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants:


Doing Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Almost 40 million views so far!

YouTube Preview Image


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  1. Steven Eaton says:

    Very very cool! I love it!

  2. Joan Vachon says:


  3. BeckyQ says:

    Great job Keenan!!!

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