Are You Giving Your Best in Life?

Today’s featured video challenges me to reconsider what my very best is. I know that sounds cliche’- even formulaic. But it’s true. Normally, I set standards for myself based on what I want to accomplish. But really, when you think about that, what it that is my personal estimate of what I think I am capable of. It’s not actually what I’m capable of.

In the video below a gifted coach finds a way for a talented young man to redetermine and redefine his best. The result is amazing.

What I hope you glean from this is what I did, that my personal list was only a guess and a place to start. Somewhere along the way I’m going to remember this young man’s desire and push a little harder in my workout, love a little stronger in my life, and truly give my best. I’ll know I’ve reached it when I lay my head to the pillow tired, satisfied with my effort.

Let me know on the form below what you can do better? Where can you give your absolute best?

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7 Responses to Are You Giving Your Best in Life?

  1. This video shows real determination and dedication to his coach and his team.

  2. Olive Pereira says:

    Sometimes, its becoz someone else has confidence in you that you are able to better your standards. This Video is proof of the same. Becoz they have confidence in you , you would not like to let them down and so better yourself in the process Praise and thanx to God for the good people in our lives

  3. Lesli says:

    I love this! It comes from a wonderful, inspiring, motivating, family friendly movie called “Facing the Giants”. If you have never watched the movie, I highly recommend it, my family, including our pre-teen daughter loves it. It is well worth watching and owning. We have it in our collection and have watched it many times, we never tire of it. Watch it for yourselves.

  4. Mary Lou says:

    I have misgivings about this video as this kid could have suffered a serious heart attack, a back injury etc. I FIRMLY believe that when others inspire confidence in
    you you “measure up” and, as a result, you become a “better you”! However, to
    employ “lessons” that could prove detrimental to one’s TOTAL WELL-BEING, I
    believe, could put their “best” in jeopardy!

  5. stephanie says:

    Amazing video. I am so touched I can’t even put into words how much it touched me. I have a tendency to doubt myself and give up sometimes before I even try. watching this video inspired me that no matter what I CAN put forth more effort in all areas of my life. That young man can accomplish whatever he puts his mind too after this experience.

  6. Jan says:

    Thank you…this video is so inspiring. I am a Pastor and will leading an Elder Workshop this weekend. This video will come at the end of the session as I ask the Church Leaders to hear the voice of the coach as Jesus speaking to them. Then I will encourage them to share it with their team members…including the Youth. Once again thank you for your ministry.

  7. Joan Vachon says:

    I found this clip very inspirational!

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